Car body mouldings

Protective and decorative functions of Bobtuning accessories

Every car accompanies us in daily life. At work and in free time we transport loads with it, we park under supermarkets and often in narrow garages. It happens that we use a car to expose its paint layer to damage. Each of us has often experienced stress due to the scratched bumper when loading an extremely "resistant" item in the trunk or after returning from shopping at the supermarket saw the dent from the door of the parking lot next to the car ... Well , the prose of life :)

Every accessory produced by us has a well thought-out shape, optimum profile and configuration, it simply looks impressive, whether it is a side strip, bumper, sill or corner protector on the bumper. Every element of our product has been designed with the greatest care. Ergonomics and optimization of protective functions is possible through the use of precise 3D scanning technology, which offers virtually unlimited possibilities in this respect.

Assembly is no problem, it's a pleasure

Door, bumper, threshold protection - it is very simple with the help of polyurethane accessories. All you have to do is select the accessory that you are interested in from our online store and after a short while the package will reach you. Installation is very simple and detailed instructions are included with every product. In a short time everyone can mount the product on their car. 3M adhesive tape is mounted on our accessories, currently the best product on the market. It offers a reliable and stable adhesion to the body elements of the car for many years. It is sufficient to wash the area where the selected product is to be glued, degrease with the enclosed 3M cleaning cloth, remove the protective strips from the tape and stick according to the instructions.

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